Thursday, June 30, 2011

Australia sights

I said I would post some photos from Australia.  It was hard to choose which to share.

First, a view of some of the quintessential scenes of Sydney:  Opera House, Central Business District (CBD) and the Harbor Bridge.

 Here are the "Free Hugs" people, who stay around the main shopping district.

Sarah walking on Manly Beach.  Manly was supposedly named because the British military guy befriended the natives and was impressed by how 'manly' they seemed.  When we learned this, Chris said, "That guy had to be gay."

 This is the Cathedral next to Hyde Park in downtown Sydney.
This bird is an ibis. (We think.)  We were told it is a nuisance.  But we found its head fascinating.

Anna feeding a wallaby.  This photo (and several that follow) was taken at the Featherdale Wildlife Center.  It is a "rescue zoo" that take animals that were either hurt or domesticated and cannot be returned to the wild.  They allow you to get very close to several of their animals - and every animal there is a native.  It was really cool.

A tasmanian devil.  It was really hard to get a good shot of him, because he kept running quickly in circles.  He may not look like 'Tas' - but I could see the inspiration.

An Aussie Croc.

Dingo puppies!!!

Here is a kookaburra.  Whenever we were singing the 'kookaburra' songs in Music Together class, I somehow pictured something bigger and less cute.  Their laughter was interesting, though.

This view is in the Blue Mountains.  They were so named after the blue haze that hangs over them.  We were looking at a canyon that looks a lot like the grand canyon - but with trees.

Next post:  adventures in driving on the wrong side of the road.

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  1. Great pictures! Your "mis"adventure turned out well.