Wednesday, June 22, 2011

..or maybe not today.

As soon as our travel agency confirmed that, yes, we could move our tickets up to June 22, I got to work on planning.  (I’d already packed over the weekend, just in case.)

I booked a hotel in Aukland, a rental car, a spot in Rotorua and a tour of Hobbiton - as all good Lord of the Rings fans should do.

With all my web research figuring out how to do this, I somehow missed the importance of the giant Chilean volcanic ash cloud.  Most of the photos are beautiful – but this screenshot shows a not-so-beautiful image.

Yes, my flight is cancelled.

I found this out  this morning, I was trying to contact Quantas to see about getting a gluten-free meal for the flight.  (The travel agency neglected to do this.)  And in the process, realized that I might just want to click on the ‘check your flight status’ button.

So, our wonderful New Zealand travel agency answered their phone when I called the US 1-800 number at 2:30 am their time.  They have found me tickets for tomorrow for LA to Auckland, but haven’t fixed our leg from Austin to LA.  I’ll find that out when the daytime crew gets in around 2 pm my time.

At least this time I’m not stalking the postman on the day of our flight in order to find a much-delayed child’s passport.  That was our last international family vacation, and a story for another day.

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